Genius Cloud provides you a one stop solutions for your ongoing PHP development and gives a robust team of highly qualified PHP developers, to ensure that it delivers the best of PHP Web Programming services to the customer’s world-wide. With a talented and qualified team of PHP Software Developers and expert PHP Programmers, who have expertise in Core PHP and Object oriented programming, it becomes quite easier on our part to deliver projects for Large and Medium scale companies

We have buildup extensive experience in the php application development areas below:

PHP Software Development
Content Management System
MVC/ HMVC Framework Expertise
Website integration, maintenance, and enhancement
PHP Website Development and PHP Website design
PHP Portal Development & e-commerce development
Social Network applications
php rapid application development
PHP CMS development/integration

We have proven our capability in php Site development with the following PHP technologies:

Proficient in MVC framework: Code Igniter, CakePHP etc..
Mastered PHP templating engines such as Smarty, PHPLib, etc.
Can utilize popular PHP libraries and extensions such as ADODB, Pear, etc.
Able to harness AJAX/ SAJAX/ HTML5 technologies for client server interactivity, and develop with popular Web 2.0/ 3.0 techniques.
Mastered caching techniques to optimize system performance.
Skilled in a variety of DBMS platforms such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc.

The Benefits

* On hiring PHP experts, you will get the benefit of expert services in fewer expenses which will increase your business profits

* Save up-to 60% amount used in the in-house development set up.

* Get Experts guidance and problem solving techniques whenever required

* Get a dedicated team of PHP developers in India at 50% of the prices.

* Latest hardware and modern infrastructure.

* Experienced PHP Developers at Genius Cloud with expert skills for your job.

* A team dedicated completely for your projects.

* Get the quality with uncompromised service and international standards.

* All information is ensured to be kept private and confidential by signing a NDA.

You can hire dedicated PHP Programmers for your on-going PHP web application development needs. Our PHP Developers are experts to excel at developing and deploying application via the LAMP stack which is an established development standard across the globe. The LAMP platform is constituted of the Linux operating system, Apache HTTP server, MySQL database software, and PHP. These constituents form a robust and fast development environment that ensures applications run smooth with minimum maintenance. Our team of PHP Programmers are experts to create and develop web programming solutions that optimize your business process to streamline revenue and enhance efficiency. Hire Dedicated PHP programmer from us and see the difference.