We provide the full-stack service of development and maintenance of large-scale web-applications for anyone: from small start-ups to leading global players. We provide not just implementation according to the specifications but also we take care of your product while it attracts users and traffic to support its growth. We do Business and System Analysis, Forming Specifications, Design Architecture and provide Technical Consultations. We use only the latest development techniques, highly optimized and clean code and sure we will professionally support your system after the delivery.

We deliver total quality solutions to customers using the experience gained with past projects. Experience allows us to be innovative and to apply the acquired skills on the multitude of projects, ranging from custom designed software applications to comprehensive product development. We implement a powerful set of proven techniques that assure quality and confidence in the design, construction, and deployment of business applications.

Our Mission is Ability to add value to businesses we touch by creating an environment where we keep consistently, improving our knowledge and bring new creative processes to deliver the best quality services to all of our clients.

All of our systems are designed around a remote workforce which is the greenest possible option for a company. This means that we have no office or computer equipment to heat, cool, and light year round. Perhaps even more importantly, none of our employees ever have to drive to work. Our employees work on their own computers and in their own homes, which is far more efficient then having them drive to a separate space and use an additional set of computer equipment.

We are proud to say that we are virtually waste free as a company! Thanks to our remote workforce, we produce none of the waste that comes from a typical office environment. The only waste we haven’t eliminated is a small amount of paper which is recycled, and this is due to our bank, and a few other organizations we work with, not being completely paperless yet. Once they go paperless we will not generate any physical waste!

The vast majority of the impact Genius Cloud has on the environment is through the electricity our servers and related equipment use. Luckily for us, with today’s energy prices, being green and being cost effective can go hand in hand. We are constantly working to reduce our costs and our impact by leveraging new technologies to lower power consumption, using natural DC cooling technology, and using visualization software to scale efficiently.