Is increasing data growth and government regulations impacting your ability to efficiently deliver services?

Do you have clear visibility into the maturity of your organisation and the steps you need to take to achieve your desired target state?

Rapid growth in storage, government regulations and a steady surge in business data are just some of the challenges IT executives are facing today; all while trying to manage costs, risk and service to the business. Genius Cloud understands these challenges and helps you align your IT infrastructures with business needs and objectives.

The initial steps in this process are to understand where a business is in terms of IT service maturity. The Genius Cloud Infrastructure Snapshot service enables you to identify the gaps between the maturity of your current environment and your target state. It identifies specific strategies for stabilising the current environment, defining and improving service levels, and improving processes and efficiency. It is a ‘light touch’ engagement from a customer perspective with minimal impact on daily activities.

As well as assessing your level of IT service maturity, the Infrastructure Snapshot service focuses on one or a combination of the following specific technology areas depending on where you are experiencing the most pain.


The Storage Snapshot will identify how the storage is currently being used:

  • Levels of storage utilisation
  • Highlights potential storage reclamation (includes how likely it is that the storage can be reclaimed)
  • Errors within the arrays in scope i.e. operational risk
  • Levels of tiering
  • RAID levels and overheads
  • Identifies areas for cost avoidance through storage reclamation


The Backup Snapshot will identify how backup is currently being used within the customer’s environment:

  • Levels of drive utilisation
  • Levels of tape utilisation
  • Backup capacity
  • Performance levels i.e. backup throughput
  • Backup and restore success rates
  • Identifies areas of potential cost avoidance through improved asset utilisation

Data Management

The Data Management Snapshot provides valuable information and output relating to how your file server environments are used. File server data profile analysis identifies:

  • File ageing
  • Duplicate files
  • Access profile
  • Usage by user
  • File type usage
  • Orphaned files
  • Identifies opportunities for de-duplication and archiving

Virtual Environment

The Virtual Environments Snapshot identifies whether your VMware virtual infrastructure has been deployed in accordance with Genius Cloud best practices:

  • Virtual machine configuration
  • Host configuration including; ESX Service console set-up, Network
  • Configuration, Storage configuration and vCentre management
  • Security configuration analysis
  • Identifies further consolidation options
  • Further cost savings
  • Improvements to stability and scalability


Your Infrastructure Snapshot deliverable is a detailed presentation that covers:

  • Your current level of IT service maturity
  • Your desired state based on Genius Cloud best practice
  • Immediate areas for cost saving / cost avoidance
  • High level recommendations and roadmap
  • Technical summary and recommendations based on the chosen technology option