Genius Cloud storage team can help to analyse your entire storage estate – identifying every device and detailing how it’s used, what it stores and which software applications interact with it. Then we can assess how best to adapt your existing storage systems in order to meet new data storage demands. Our initial, detailed audits are often enough to free-up existing storage capacity… by uncovering duplicate data sets or even data that is still being stored beyond legally defined periods.

SAN Healthcheck – What gets covered as part of the Genius Cloud Healthcheck?

Storage controllers – Firmware updates and patches are analysed to ensure that all key updates are installed.

Storage Protocols – Healthcheck covers SCSI attached, Fibre Channel, iSCSI or a mixture of these protocols.
LUN/Array Configuration – Check arrays to ensure that disk assignment and LUN allocation

Cabling – Check cabling conforms to industry standard best practices
Fabric Switches – Firmware pdates and patches are analysed to ensure that all key updates are installed, also zoning is checked to see if conforms to industry standard best oractices.

Security/Maintenance – Check password status and SMTP/SNMP alert configuration.

The SAN Healthcheck could save you money and should be the first place for any business before investing in further storage or upgrading your existing systems.