Examining your system at regular intervals to identify potential problems and get optimum performance is vital for every business which is looking to grow.

One of our technical consultants will visit your site and carry out a full examination of your whole environment for a complete system healthcheck involving hardware and software configurations, the operating and networking environment, data backup and security – and any other specifically requested aspects.

Genius Cloud System Healthcheck will include:

Hardware and software audit – a comprehensive healthcheck audit of your server infrastructure to check both the configuration of your hardware and to ensure all the microcode and fixes are up to date.

Resiliency test – to ensure you are using best practice for resilience in the case of a system failure.

Back up validity analysis – to review your back up strategy and make sure the current strategy fits with your business requirements.

Scalability review – to check the infrastructure is suitable for your projected organisational growth.

As with our Performance Tuning, your Genius Cloud consultant will prepare a system healthcheck full report on your IT system that analyses its current condition and makes cost-effective recommendations to improve it.