Genius Cloud are experts in Server Performance Tuning on midrange systems. We see the main aim of performance tuning to maximise what you have, identify any bottlenecks and provide a “quick fix” solution. More often than not, no investment is required in terms of hardware expansion, as problems can be resolved by technical advice and system configuration changes.

We can provide a comprehensive server performance tuning test but can also deliver one or more of the areas highlighted below:

A bottleneck identification – to check your infrastructure for server performance bottlenecks.

A troubleshooting session – to discuss known system and manufacturer issues with your system administrator.

Improve your system’s capacity – so it can deal more easily with a bigger workload.
As with our Systems Healthcheck and Audit, Genius Cloud will prepare a detailed report of our findings which should be followed up with a visit by one of our consultants. During this meeting the consultant will review the systems environment with you, highlighting areas that could be improved and recommend modifications. You can then decide whether to proceed with these recommendations – with no obligation to utilise the services of Genius Cloud IT.

Server Performance Tuning Options

We offer two options on Server Performance Tuning, designed to suit your individual needs:

Option 1

Single test – the standard charge is normally $500 per server, but we are currently offering it at a50% discount of just $250.

Option 2

An annual contract per server of $2000 where the test is carried out on a quarterly basis. With this type of contract you can be reassured that your server infrastructure is being constantly optimised and updated with the latest firmware releases. Again, we are offering a 50% discounted price of just $1000.