Over recent years the benefits of running virtualisation enablers such as IBM PowerVM, VMWare and Citrix XenServer have helped both small business and large enterprise organisations realise massive consolidation ratios of their server infrastructure and achieve fantastic returns on investment.

However, the way in which virtualisation has been adopted has not been a standard process. In some cases, the adoption has been gradual and has taken an “evolutionary” path gradually moving out of the test and development department into production. In other cases, a “rip-and-replace” methodology has been used.

As soon as the vitualisation solution was implemented, the operational and financial benefits were immediately realised. However, virtualisation solutions have matured and changed significantly over the past 5 years and the methods of implementation and recommended ongoing operations have standardised and best practices standardised. Server sprawl has been replaced by virtual server sprawl!!

The challenge for IT Managers is to ensure that best practices are maintained whilst the datacentre and the demands from the business and constantly changing. To assist in this, Genius Cloud IT provide a Virtualisation Health Check helping you ensure that your infrastructure meets the latest standards and best practice guidelines.

The Genius Cloud Health Check

The Genius Cloud Health Check will analyse your virtual server environment to ensure optimal configuration and consistency as per the latest best practices. Genius Cloud IT’s indepth health checks will also identify areas for improvement and potential configuration and performance issues before they begin to impact your business applications.


Genius Cloud IT’s Virtualisation consultant will perform an assessment of your current virtual infrastructure using the latest best of breed tools and methodologies to analyse your current environment

Identify areas for configuration improvement and enhance performance
Provide you with a Genius Cloud IT Virtualisation Health Check report including review of the current environment and recommended changes