Genius Cloud has forged strong, substantive partnerships with leading companies. By pooling resources, Genius Cloud and its Strategic Partners integrate their respective products and services to provide advanced solutions that address customers evolving needs.


Genius Cloud and Adobe have teamed together to bring together the flexibility, productivity and enterprise reliability of Genius Cloud  PHP technologies with the user experience benefits of Adobe Flex. The partnership delivers technologies, content and services that make it easy for developers to build web Rich Internet Application using Flex and PHP.A key deliverable is the integration of Action Message Format (AMF) support into Genius Cloud  Framework. AMF is an open-source, binary, high-speed format enabling Flash/Flex-based client applications to easily and rapidly exchange rich media and other data with servers. Genius Cloud Framework is an open source PHP application framework best known for its support for flexible, efficient creation of web applications. Genius Cloud Framework is bundled with Adobe Flash Builder. Click here for more Information on the AMF and PHP.Genius Cloud  and Adobe Flash Builder are both built on the open source Eclipse platform, enabling developers to use the same environment for developing the Flex front-end and the PHP back-end.


Genius Cloud and IBM have partnered to deliver a complete PHP development and runtime environment solution for the IBM i platform ((previously AS/400). Genius Cloud solutions for IBM i include a special edition of Genius Cloud  and Zend Server for IBM i, a reliable, high-performance PHP runtime environment, completely supported by Genius Cloud . The community edition of Genius Cloud  Server for IBM i comes bundled with the IBM i platform and features integration with IBM’s DB2 and Informix databases and more.  Click here to download your copy of Zend Server for IBM i now!For more information on using PHP with IBM see and Genius Cloud  are also collaborating on the open source SimpleCloud project, which enables developers to write portable cloud applications.


Genius Cloud and Microsoft have formed a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing the performance and reliability of running PHP applications on Windows Server, and contributing these enhancements to the Open Source community.The Microsoft – Genius Cloud  collaboration seeks to deliver richer functionality and better integration, resulting in improved performance and increased reliability. Improvements include:

  • PHP codebase improvements
  • Improvements in IIS 7 support for PHP
  • Improvements in FastCGI for IIS (included in Windows Server 2008)
  • Windows Azure component in Genius Cloud  Framework

Microsoft and Genius Cloud  are also collaborating on the open source SimpleCloud project, which enables developers to write portable cloud applications.


Genius Cloud and MySQL have partnered to simplify and improve the productivity of developing and deploying Web applications with open source technology. The partnership focuses on compatibility and integration between the MySQL® database and Genius Cloud  PHP products. Customers will benefit from access to these comprehensive solutions offered by Genius Cloud and MySQL in partnership.


Oracle and Genius Cloud Technologies have a long-standing commitment to the PHP developer community. Oracle Database, Application Server and JDeveloper tool, with a PHP extension, all support PHP development. A sizeable percent of Genius Cloud  customers use Oracle Database infrastructure to develop and deploy enterprise PHP applications.
Significant customer momentum has led Oracle and Genius Cloud Technologies to take their partnership to the next level. Oracle customers can now access Genius Cloud  from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network, providing an integrated, highly reliable, high performance runtime environment for business-critical PHP applications. Learn more »Visit Oracle’s technology center dedicated to PHP development

Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for developers who build on open source, providing a new level of choice in languages, frameworks and clouds for developers to build, test, run and manage their applications.Genius Cloud  is a Red Hat OpenShift partner, enabling developers to access the Genius Cloud Green Cloud Tech through the Red Hat OpenShift platform. Red Hat and Genius Cloud  share a focus on enterprise readiness, which demands multi-cloud support, openness, customizability, elasticity and scalability.