We use Adobe’s solution — Flex, Flash, AIR for developing user interfaces.

Our component models allow us to create ergonomic user interfaces with possibilities which are often better than the typical desktop user interfaces, such as desktop software for Windows or MacOs.

User interfaces based on Adobe technology is cross-platform and does not require porting between platforms. Once invested in the development of this interface, you get the interface running the following operating systems:

Mac OS
Google OS

If you prefer a desktop version, the technology of Adobe AIR will convert your interface into a desktop interface for any operating system at no additional cost.

We implemented the user interfaces based on Adobe Flex for both small and large businesses.

Users of any level of business like the interface based on Adobe technology.

They note the following advantages:

  • Convenient and easy
  • No need for local installation
  • No need for additional configuration
  • Stable operation
  • Fast and productive
  • Modern design

We will be glad to help you build your user interface based on Adobe technology, or integrate your existing interface with the technology.