As your business grows, it starts to include more new business processes, operations and applications. And at some stage it hits a critical point when it becomes difficult for your IT managers to control it. At this point you realize that your business requires an integrated solution to control all the business processes. IBM offers a platform which allows creating new SOA (service — oriented) applications and integrating current business processes into one solution.

Our company has a wide experience in creating enterprise applications based on IBM platforms. We offer you agile, robust, scalable and reusable SOA applications and at the same time reducing application infrastructure costs with IBM solutions.

We have experience in application development for IBM WebSphere which provides the following features:

Protect investment by allowing you to service-enable existing packaged and legacy applications; create new services and extend your business applications to the web

Efficiently develop innovative applications through comprehensive support of open standards and programming models, including: OSGi, CEA, JPA, SAML, SCA, SDO, SIP, Web 2.0, and XML

Run the same amount of workloads on fewer servers by consolidating up to 30% of workloads utilizing EJB and web services performance enhancing features
Prevent costly security breach exposures with security domains that deliver granular and flexible control

Our developers have experience with other IBM solutions:

IBM MQ — the application allowing easy and secure communication between remote systems
IBM BPM Suite — the platform providing a comprehensive base to deploy dynamic business processes in response to changing business needs.
Empowered with our applications for IBM business solutions, you will get a mission-critical system which can be expansion in future and with low infrastructure cost.