Live Makkah TV, Medinah TV, Quran TV
No need to download an extra application. – Can be viewed on a smartphone and tablet. – Easy to use. – Colorful Flat Style. Application needs fast internet to stream live Smart TV Islamic Channels. We recommend to use Wi-Fi.

Now you can watch your favorite Islamic channels and control your TV using your Android smartphone or tablet.

* Watch Live Makkah TV
* Watch Live Medinah TV
* Watch Live Quran TV
* Watch Live Madni Channel
* Watch Live Peace TV Urdu
* Watch Live Peace TV
* Watch Live QTV
* Watch Live Paigham TV

All the services are free
• Streams have been updated everyday
• No need to have “Adobe Flash Player”
• No sign-up required
• Updating channels automaticaly
• We are adding new channels time to time, keep updated
• Easy to use interface
• Wide range of channels
• Don’t pay any charge
• HDTV signal format with 720p

Performance should be better with Wifi or 3G Internet.

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