Do you need to add new features to your software system?

Do you need to make integration with some 3rd party system?

Do you need to improve IT architecture of your business?

The problem is the same — you need to customize the existing software.

Very often it is not really easy to do this because software providers do not provide full technical documentation and do not keep the software architecture opened for 3rd party developers.

We have a strong experience in customizing existing software:

  • Research on risks of software changes
  • Reverse engineering of software architecture
  • Reverse engineering of automated business processes.
  • Reverse engineering of data protocols and event maps.
  • Designing components and plug-ins
  • Redeveloping parts of the software systems
  • QA of customization changes

Our IT engineers have skills in many different software libraries, application servers and database packages. And we feel confident that we can solve any of your customization tasks.