It does not matter whether you’ve bought ready software, or someone developed custom software for your business, will remain a critical stage of the deployment and implementation of this software. Because this is the stage determines how your business processes will be approximated on to the processes of software.

In the process of working with many clients we have developed our own methodology for deployment and implementation, which includes for example the following steps:

  • Staff training
  • Pre-production installation for user acceptance testing
  • Incremental updates
  • Parallel processing (existent and new software)
  • Data reconciliation
  • Tracing the causes of discrepancies
  • This allows us to achieve effective implementation of new software.

The advantages of our methods of implementation:

  • Implementation deadlines
  • No risk of loss or corruption of data
  • Preserving the integrity of the IT structure of your business.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of data on your business.
  • Overcoming mistrust of staff to the new software.