Genius Cloud provides a full cycle of localization services helping its customers localize their products for various markets, while improving the quality and reducing the cost of localization and international support.

Genius Cloud is well equipped for full cycle of localization of software products. We have a large number of experts with hands-on experience in various areas of localization.

They include software engineers, QA professionals, multi-media localization specialists and documentation engineers that are supported by external translators. At any time, customer’s dedicated localization team can be supplemented with our 150+ in-house software developers, web programmers and designers.

We provide:

Translation of Documentation
Graphics and Multimedia Localization
Help Engineering
Desktop Publishing
Documentation Testing

We work with almost all European languages.

Our documentation team works with localized product documentation ranging from online help, product and user manuals, marketing collateral to training and support documentation.

The scope of documentation localization tasks includes:

  • Online Help engineering
  • Technical review of documentation
  • Correcting graphical layout of localized materials
  • Quality assurance of finalized translated materials
  • Packaging review
  • Desktop Publishing

Preparing materials for translation, verification of source file formatting, word counts and pre-translation, etc.

Our documentation staff works as a team collaborating with other specialists working on the same project, such as technical writers, translators, proofreaders, localization and graphics engineers.