There can be many reasons for starting a new project. And each new project is very exciting. It could be the beginning of something truly great — or it could be the start of a disaster! It’s an established fact that 80% of all projects fail: poor budgeting, never finished, never used. Genius Cloud, however, is an exception to this trend, with its excellent track record of successfully completed and implemented projects. We appreciate the importance of each and every project, and we are experts in carrying a project through each stage of its life-cycle.

We provide our clients with a free requirement analysis. And based on this analysis we construct a project plan that has:

  • Clear timeline
  • Clearly defined iterations
  • Clearly defined milestones
  • Clear payment structure

We stick to the plan and deliver the product on time and within budget. The iterative approach allows us to obtain early feedback from the client; this keeps us moving in the right direction, and lets us uncover and resolve any problems at an early stage. We provide our clients with comprehensive and transparent documentation, and with fair terms of support and maintenance. Our goal is to make sure that the client is fully satisfied — not only with the quality of the final product, but with the project development process too.