Optimize Business Processes to Improve your Business

Wise use of business process management software solutions enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Streamlined, efficient and well-managed business processes improve business performance, increase revenue and assure customer satisfaction.

Genius Cloud offers world-class business process management software solutions designed to meet specialized business needs. Whether the solution is standard, tailored, or custom, we have the IT application development knowledge and technology expertise to provide you with a best practices business process management solution.

Business Intelligence, Business Automation and Workflow Management

Successful businesses must manage their business processes, workflow, and business intelligence to drive productivity and maintain a competitive edge. Genius Cloud utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to develop and deliver best-of-breed business intelligence, business automation and workflow management software solutions. Our enterprise software development solutions give you the power to make timely, weighed and considered business decisions.

Business intelligence systems monitor and analyze pre-defined revenue parameters, progress indicators and enterprise efficiency metrics to provide short-term and long-term projections in support of your business development plans.

Issue tracking systems, a part of workflow management, gather information about the occurrence of production and enterprise process problems, including history statistics. Reporting software subsystems provide the information you need to analyze enterprise problems and devise plans to resolve them.

Genius Cloud Business Intelligence, Business Automation and Workflow Management offering includes the development of the following software solutions:

  • Business Intelligence Systems Development
  • Workflow Management Systems Development
  • Issue Tracking Systems Development
  • Event Management Systems Development
  • Scheduling Systems Development
  • Customer Relationship Management

Customers are the lifeblood of business and maintaining good customer relationships before, during and after the sale is critical to your enterprise success. Efficient, effective and streamlined interactions between you and your customers provide a competitive edge and guarantee customer satisfaction. Genius Cloud develops world-class CRM solutions to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and customer support.

Salesforce automation software streamlines all phases of the sales management process by tracking and recording every activity in every stage of the sales management process, for each prospective customer.

Email and social network marketing applications will generate leads for the sales team and improve sales productivity – the sales team is following up on leads generated by email and social network marketing, as opposed to their own individual efforts.

Customer service and support software solutions. The ability to create, assign and professionally manage customer requests is critical to customer satisfaction and your business reputation.

Genius Cloud Customer Relationship Management services include the development of the following solutions:

  • Salesforce Automation Software Development
  • Email and Social Network Marketing Solutions
  • Customer Service and Support Application Development
  • Accounting and Finance Management Solutions

The changes brought on by the economic downturn and regulatory environment have pushed ordinary accounting systems well past their limits. Let Genius Cloud experts create world-class accounting and finance management applications for your enterprise. Accounting and finance management applications will streamline your business processing and give you a competitive edge.

Our Accounting and Finance Management services include the development of the following solutions:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Billing
  • Reporting
  • Inventory and Asset Management Solutions

Inventory is a costly and important business asset, which must be managed in an orderly efficient manner. Inventory software solutions, developed by Genius Cloud experts, provide businesses with visibility into up-to-date enterprise information on overall inventory, the movement and storage of inventory within a warehouse, and the flow of inventory to and from the warehouse and to its destination. Well-designed inventory management systems enable businesses to be profitable and competitive.

Our Inventory Asset Management Software Development services include the development of the following solutions:

Inventory Management System Development
Warehouse Management Software Development
Logistics Management Application Development
IT Asset Management Software Development
Optimize your Business Processes with Solutions from Genius Cloud

Every day you process countless routine operations and large volumes of business information. Enterprise information that should be organized and managed efficiently – but often it is not. Business process management solutions help organize and manage your business information.

Genius Cloud works closely with customers to understand their business processes and business needs. We then design and develop business process management software solutions to address these needs.

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