The Genius Cloud team keeps up to date on the latest website development trends, 3rd party software integration,ecommerce development, and open source CMS solution deployment to bring you the best possible open source solutions.

Genius Cloud website development experience in delivering custom products based on industry-recognized open source Content Management Systems can help your business. The Genius Cloud team is ready to help you with:


This open source CMS has been gaining popularity over the last several years. More than 300 modules are available to enhance usability experience.


This multi-purpose open source content management application is developed to manage web content of any kind. Highly scalable and stable, any Joomla extension can be customized your way.


Take your business online with the help of this specially designed online store application. Design ecommerce site applications and stay in tune with the latest business trends.


This is one of the top-rated Open Source Blogging Applications, beloved by bloggers.

Why pay for 3rd party proprietary software when there are hundreds of ready-to-go open source software solutions that can be customized exactly the way you want?

There is no need for you to seek out a software vendor, pay for a bit of code, pay strange licensing fees, and then wait several days for your support request to be handled. Such an approach is time-consuming and risks your business success. You can avoid all this and save your time and money as well. The Genius Cloud website development team will help you consider your open source solutions and will then work with you to tailor the most appropriate application. The Genius Cloud team will strictly consider your needs and your company specifics to bring you what you really want and need, whether it’s a custom online store or another application.

Key benefits of going open source with Genius Cloud

  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Quick and easy deployment.
  • No limits on features and customization.
  • Community support.
  • Frequent updates and new releases.
  • Superb performance and rock-solid stability.

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